This is a stone

A basalt stone, to be precise. The foundation stone (pun intended :D) for the basalt fibers in our Lavatech boards. Basalt is the most widespread rock on earth and helps reduce the environmental impact of our boards.

From stone to fibre

Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that makes up around 13% of the earth's crust. To produce the fibers, the basalt rock is crushed and washed before it is melted at around 1450°C and drawn through small nozzles into thin filaments.
Due to its natural origin, the energy required to produce basalt fibers is 30% less than that for the production of glass fibers and even 80-90% less than that for carbon fibers. Recycling these mineral fibers is also much easier and more energy-efficient than carbon or glass fibers.

What matters is on the board

Honestly: The material can be so environmentally friendly, but if it negatively affects the riding characteristics, then it is of no use...

The beauty of basalt fibers is that they are not only better for the environment, but also for you! Basalt fibers offer greater flexibility, are lighter and have more pop than the glass fibers commonly used.

But the biggest advantage is the better vibration damping of basalt fiber laminates. Especially in tougher conditions, a Lavatech board is easier to control and less fatiguing to ride. Your knees will thank you.