Crash replacement

The beautiful powder slope lies in front of you. Drop-in, a nice swing with a huge spray and BAAAAAM... A hidden rock has caught you. Ideally, you just have to brush the snow off your jacket and you can continue, but if things go wrong, the board is over.

This has already happened to us... We know how painful it can be and have introduced our crash replacement program for such cases. You send in your broken board and get a discount on a new one.


If your Stompede board is damaged beyond repair, you can send it in. When you purchase a replacement board (without connecting elements), you will then receive the discount on the regular retail price shown in the table below.

Purchase date Discount
after October 1, 2023 40%
10/1/2022 - 9/30/2023 30%
10/1/2021 - 9/30/2022 20%

To take advantage of the Crash Replacement Program, please use our Crash Replacement contact form . We will then discuss the next steps with you.

Our crash replacement program can only be used by the original owner of the affected board. Return costs and shipping costs are borne by the buyer. We reserve the right to suspend this service in individual cases if there is any suspicion that damage was caused intentionally or if the defects are purely visual. The Crash Replacement cannot be combined with other discounts.