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Finest materials, fair price

We have carefully considered how we can minimize all costs that do not have a direct impact on the quality of our boards.

Therefore, you can only order our boards directly from us. This means that we save the surcharges for wholesalers, distributors and retailers and prefer to invest directly in using the highest quality materials. This means you get the highest performance and durability at a fair price.

Fiber runs in 3 directions to maximize energy and strength.

Triaxial basalt fibers

The fibers built into a snowboard behave similarly to a guitar string - when they are bent, they want to spring back. This is the energy or “pop” you feel while riding. However, this energy can only be transferred in the direction in which the fiber actually runs. This means the more directions of fibers there are, the more energy, pop and responsiveness you get. The industry standard “biaxial” fiber only runs in two directions. We use a quasi-isotropic basalt fiber configuration to maximize energy and strength in as many directions as possible: 3 different axes 0°, +45° and -45°. These laminates are almost twice the cost, but the increase in performance is well worth it.

Wood of the highest quality for a lively riding experience and long life span

Ash poplar wood core

The heart of a snowboard is the wood core. We use two different types of wood, vertically laminated, to tailor the properties of our boards exactly to our needs.

Ash, being a harder wood, gives the boards the right amount of snap and stability. Poplar, as a lighter, softer wood, helps us keep weight down and has very good damping properties.

The fastest and most durable base material

High performance sintered base

A good base is worth its weight in gold, especially in open terrain, and can save you from having to wade through deep snow. We therefore only use carbon-infused sintered base made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Yes, we're not into base buzzword bingo either, so in plain english: We use the highest quality base material available. It is designed to absorb wax better, glide faster and last longer than cheaper base materials.